Demarche / Process


Discovery, immersion

It was in 2015 that I chose to highlight the Coal Hole Covers, thus offering a different reading of the street and its surroundings (a singular reading)?

These personalised covers, scattered all over London's pavements, gave access to a cellar (bunker), allowing the neighbouring houses to be supplied with coal for their heating needs.

This approach echoes the work carried out in 2009 and 2013 in Bordeaux, highlighting the metal door knockers that adorn the city's town houses (Métallochromie and Platine Pop exhibitions).


Designs / process 

My first decision was to inventory all the Coal Hole Covers from the Spitalfields area, select and photograph them. 

I then redrew them, created and illustrated a specific frame for each of them, and digitised the whole. Finally, I will create a texture like used paper that will cover the edges of these designs for even more realism.

My graphic choice will lean towards lithographic poster and advertising art, strongly inspired by the local landscape, notably the old Truman Brewery, and ornaments from the Victorian period.

The symmetry of my work can refer to the stamp, worked in one, or two colours (Litho).

A multitude of other plates are currently being made or studied, the idea being to complete this series from the East End.

My next step will be to widen the scope of the study further, and create a homogenous 'map' of the most iconic plates scattered across London.

Digital printing will continue to be favoured, to enable affordable prices to be offered to a wide audience.

New screen prints will be available on a pre-order basis only, from 2022


My approach

My approach is to invite the public to take more ownership of the public space that is ours, to open their eyes, to take the time to read the street, and to consider these plaques as commas that punctuate it.

Huguenots, Jews, Bengalis, cockneys, here is a multicultural fan reflecting our collective memory found in the motifs represented by the various Coal Hole Covers scattered in the area of Brick Lane, Spitalfields, Shoreditch, whitchapel (East End London)

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