For his first serie, Astéronyme compiled the medium of photograph with graphic design to realize an exclusive serie of posters, promoting the very original identity of Brick Lane.


The serie consists in an original association of old cinema posters visual from the 70s and 80s, with a contemporary glimpse on the cultural cosmopolitanism of the area. Even more than a mere piece of art, it is a subtle metaphor describing the artist’s own relationship with Brick Lane, the narration of his inspirations.


Astéronyme gives specific emphasis on the use of colours to retranslate past and present dynamism of local actors (industries, breweries, ) as well as daily creativity (street art, design, photographs, fashion). The Truman tour appears on several posters, as a symbolic embodiment of his work, a beacon shedding light on the signification of his art.

EAST END LONDON . Original Inkjet Print . Brick Lane by Astéronyme

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"The street is ours"


Coal Hole Covers Brick Lane. Truman Brewery by ASTERONYME

"that punctuates the street"


Coal Hole cover Brick Lane . by Asteronyme .

In late 2015, Astéronyme discovered the Manhole Covers – also called Coalhole Covers – an unknown precious piece of art of Brick Lane. Made of melt and iron, those unique ornaments symbolize the transition from the outside to the inside, a mere innovation to « read the street » throughout the path of an artistic discovery. 


Astéronyme has registered and redrawn the manhole covers, before making his own art out of them. Using several techniques (drawing, painting, graphic design), he found a way to revitalise the history of industrial and Victorian era, carried out by each covers specifically. The final works are printed on paper  170gsm in East London. signed on the front


Astéronyme works on the moment. His quest for history is a second stage of his artistic approach, so it does not interfere with its own imagination, but acts as a complement.


The layers of Brick Lane’s history are associated to the historical evolution of street art, in a stimulating dialectic relationship. And this dialogue requires time to be thoroughly interpreted. This is the ultimate goal of Astéronyme’s approach: rather than consuming the street, reading it to better understand it and enjoy it.

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Coal hole cover OPEN THE DOORS by ASTERONYME . Original Inkjet Print
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