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In July 2013, I decided to go to London, curious to discover its urban jungle.

My interest quickly turned to the East End and the neighbourhoods of Hackney, Shoreditch, Brick Lane and Spitalfields where I found new inspirations.

It was from there that I made the choice to stay and live there.

Strongly inspired by the old industrial areas, I fall in love with the Truman Brewery. An institution rich in history, remarkably well preserved, it bears with its surroundings the traces of the different communities that worked and lived there, Huguenots (French migrants), Jews, Bangladeshis, Cockney.

Street photography will be my driving force for a period of more than 6 months, and will help me to open my eyes to the human, the everyday, the architecture, the street art, and thus allow me to constitute a Bank of images, which will be my base of work, and of inspiration necessary to the realization of my future creations.


Posters Brick Lane

Soon after my arrival, in early 2014, a first series of designs inspired by movie posters will be made. Each visual will be created with the desire to enhance and highlight the Brick Lane area and the Truman Brewery, its warehouses, its iconic tower.

Drawing, photography and graphic design will be used to create them. Digital printing will be used in order to offer prices adapted to the Brick Lane market.

All the visuals will finally be available in silk-screen printing from 2022, only as a pre-order, for a wider public.

Other designs are currently in progress.  


Coal hole covers

In a second phase, in early 2015, a series will be made featuring the Coal hole covers (similar to manhole covers) that used to supply coal to terraced houses and industries found all over London. I have catalogued those from the Spitalfields area, Brick Lane, re-drawn, re-visited and finally digitised them.

This work will then be printed and screen printed.

Other plate designs are regularly added to this series inspired by street art. This work invites us to read the street, which these plaques punctuate like commas.

This approach echoes the work done in 2009 and 2013 in Bordeaux, highlighting the metal door knockers that adorn the city's private mansions. (Exhibitions Métallochromie, and Platine Pop)



November 2015, in response to the Paris attacks, the first RESIST, Paris will take shape. In a minimalist style with the Eiffel Tower, as a middle finger, and as a Slogan, "RESIST, Paris is not dead, on the rock again!". A few silkscreens were produced the same year, and exhibited at Brick Lane.

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